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Scaffolding Accident Lawyers Serving Newark And East Orange

It might seem like some buildings in East Orange  and Newark are always under construction. At any given time, an untold number of structures are undergoing some kind of work, leading to the telltale signs of construction workers doing their jobs: scaffolding. While this is often a sign of progress, scaffolding accidents can occur when the structures are not set up properly.

Workers who are hurt in these accidents could miss significant time from work. Many people in the construction industry in New Jersey fear that they will be penalized if they are not able to work, even if it is because of a genuine injury that needs rest. In many cases, seeking benefits via workers’ compensation might be an option. The workplace injury attorneys at Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, can help a worker who has been injured in a scaffolding accident to make sure that he or she is taken care of properly.

Don’t Risk Going Back To Work If You Can’t

Scaffolding is necessary to get work done to the outside of a building while keeping the street and the sidewalk open and accessible. Unfortunately, the scaffolding itself might not be constructed properly or might use recycled or broken materials. Something as seemingly minor as a cracked board might lead to a worker falling off the scaffold, leading to serious injuries.

Workers who are hurt on the job may need legal intervention to get the benefits they deserve. Contact the lawyers at our firm by filling out our online form or calling us at 973-988-2042.