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Were You Injured On Dangerous Residential Property? Our Newark Homeowner Liability Lawyers Can Help.

Property owners have a responsibility to those who come onto their property, even for residential properties. When property owners fail to maintain a safe environment and an injury occurs, they need to be held responsible for the harm they have caused. Premises liability can take many forms. Injuries caused by faulty stairways, broken sidewalks, spilled liquids and a range of other possibilities all fall under the category of premises liability.

At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, our New Jersey attorneys provide exceptionally skilled representation that is supported by more than 50 years of combined legal experience. We know that for many who have been injured, securing full compensation is the key to facing such issues as medical bills and lost wages. We are dedicated to helping our clients obtain the compensation they deserve so that they can move forward with their lives again.

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is the legal term for holding property owners accountable for allowing or causing an unsafe situation to injure someone. It is a broad term that involves a number of situations. If you were injured in a store, restaurant or anywhere you legally had a right to be, you should discuss your legal options with us in a free case evaluation.

We offer our skill and experience to those who have suffered an injury related to:

  • Negligently maintained property: If your landlord has allowed dangerous conditions on your property, the landlord is responsible for the resulting injuries. This could include issues like a collapsed ceiling or wall.
  • Negligent security: Leaving an apartment building unlocked, failing to have security in a bar, club or day care, or overserving a patron all greatly increase the risk of injury to everyone. We hold individuals and businesses accountable in civil lawsuits.
  • Falls due to dangerous conditions: From wet floors to snow and ice accumulation, there are a number of things a business, city or landlord must do to maintain safe sidewalks and parking lots.
  • Dog and animal bites: While many of us love dogs and pets, if they are not properly trained or restrained, they can injure innocent people. Children, in particular, are vulnerable to animal attacks.
  • Any premises liability claim: Whether you were injured in an elevator or escalator accident or from falling merchandise, talk to us. We have over four decades of experience helping injured people just like you.

Get A Free Case Evaluation From An Experienced Attorney

If you have suffered a serious injury, you need to take steps to ensure that your rights are fully protected. The attorneys of Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, offer real help and real hope to our clients. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys, call our East Orange office at 973-988-2042 or contact us online.

We represent injured clients on a contingent fee basis. We collect attorney’s fees only if we obtain compensation for you.