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The highways and other roads in New Jersey are filled with buses. Whether it’s people on a municipal bus on their daily commute, kids being taken to school, or a shuttle or Greyhound bus taking people through the state, buses are everywhere. And with that comes a danger of a bus accident.

Passengers on buses deserve to have their rights protected when they have been hurt. At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, we take seriously our responsibility to you, our clients, to provide the best attorney services possible so that you can be compensated for your injuries. We bring more than 50 years of combined experienced to each case, as well as personalized attention and exceptional service.

How Bus Crashes Differ From Other Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents always have the potential to be serious and lead to injuries, but bus accidents are a special case. Because there are often many people on a bus at a given time, a serious accident such as a rollover can affect many people all at once. Bus passengers also put their safety in the hands of a bus driver who might be overly tired, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or prone to medical events that could hinder the bus from being operated safely. Many buses also lack seat belts, so passengers might be thrown around inside the bus or even through the windows, should a rollover or other type of accident take place.

Due to all of these factors and more, bus accidents commonly result in:

  • Neck and back injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Cuts, bruises and broken bones
  • Whiplash

After a bus accident, it is important to be thoroughly examined by a medical professional. Even if you don’t feel hurt right away, you don’t want to risk missing a serious injury.

Assessing Liability For A Bus Accident

The specific company or organization you would sue after a bus accident would depend on what type of bus you were in and in what capacity. The defendant could be a private company (for a charter bus), or a local government agency (for a school or city bus). It is important to act quickly because your legal options may be more limited than you realize. If you are suing a government agency, for example, you would need to file a “notice of claim” (which is basically a stated intention to sue) within 90 days of the accident. Liability for government agencies is also limited compared to private entities. Consulting with a lawyer soon after the crash is the best way to maximize your legal options.

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