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Injuries at retail stores are nothing that anyone expects to happen to him or her. However, a lack of proper care on the premises can lead to conditions that are dangerous for shoppers. Nobody should have to worry about being hurt while at a store. However, due to the type of merchandise that a given establishment might carry, a retail store accident may be possible and could inflict serious injuries on a customer.

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In New Jersey, retail stores have to hire a wide range of people in order to maintain proper staffing levels. Some may not have all the training they need in order to keep conditions safe for all shoppers, and some might cut corners on standard procedures in order to save time or money. When this kind of store negligence leads to someone getting hurt, the attorneys at Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, in East Orange are there to help you get compensated fairly for your injuries.

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An injury at a retail store can be devastating. Heavy items that fall off of shelves could lead to a head injury, while unstable merchandise on a display could tip over – particularly if pulled by a child.

People who use wheelchairs or walkers need to be sure that stores they shop at will be accessible to them, and also free of hazards. Something in an aisle that is easily avoided by someone on foot could be extremely dangerous to someone who has limited mobility.

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