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Newark Snow And Ice Removal Lawyers Serving Essex County

During winter, conditions can quickly become treacherous. Surfaces, roads and sidewalks can become slippery, causing people to lose their footing and get injured. Slippery sidewalks can be the culprit behind serious injury and pain.

Failure To Remove Snow Can Result In Injuries – And Legal Liability

During these wintry conditions, it is the responsibility of those who own and operate venues, stores and public places to make sure that people are safe coming and going from the location. This involves diligently maintaining and clearing surfaces and sidewalks, ensuring that ice and snow will not cause someone to injure himself or herself. These locations include:

  • Stores and retail locations
  • Parking lots
  • Public venues and parks
  • Apartment buildings and rental units
  • Restaurants, bars and clubs

At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, our lawyers help individuals who have been hurt in snowy conditions recover the damages they need to cover medical bills and pain. Owners and operators must provide safe entry and exit from the location. When they fail to do so, there is the risk that you will be hurt. We fight aggressively to hold them accountable for failing to look out for the safety of those who are coming and going from their location.

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Apartment and rental property owners and property managers must also clear sidewalks, parking lots and entryways for residents. Commercial property owners must ensure the safety of their tenants and guests.

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