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At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, our attorneys advocate aggressively for individuals who have been injured by the negligence of another person, business or organization. Our practice includes representation in premises liability matters for injuries on dangerous private property.

Many clients who come to us have been injured on a rental property. If you’ve been harmed because your landlord or property owner did not take adequate care of the premises, we can help you seek accountability and compensation in civil court.

What Are Your Safety Rights As A Tenant?

New Jersey law requires that landlords maintain their rental property and ensure that it is both safe and habitable. In exchange for paying rent, you have the right to expect that the property is reasonably safe and that your housing unit is in good condition.

If you notice a safety issue or needed repair and report it to your landlord, you have the right to expect that it will be addressed adequately and within a reasonable amount of time. If your landlord fails to address it, you can take several actions, including reporting the landlord to the health inspector, reporting the problem to the landlord’s insurance company and taking your landlord to court.

Sadly, you may have already suffered serious injury due to a safety issue that the landlord knew about but failed to address in a timely manner. If so, you can pursue a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner/manager. Our firm can help you seek damages for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages from time spent unable to work
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement (if applicable)

It is important to contact an attorney as soon as reasonably possible after being injured by a ceiling collapse or any other scenario. Immediately after being hired, we will conduct a thorough investigation and work quickly to preserve evidence of the landlord’s negligence and/or refusal to address a known safety issue.

Can You Be Evicted After Suing Your Landlord For Premises Liability?

You may be worried about taking legal action against your landlord for fear that they will evict you in retaliation. The good news is that in New Jersey, it is illegal for landlords to engage in retaliation (also called reprisal) against tenants for exercising their legal rights. If they do, tenants can file a separate civil action seeking compensation and other remedies for the retaliatory behavior.

There are some downsides to be aware of, however. First of all, not all adverse actions a landlord might take will be considered retaliation. Also, even if an action seems retaliatory, it is your responsibility to prove that relation was the motive. Landlords can often find reasons to evict a tenant that are legitimate enough to avoid a retaliation claim.

The bottom line is this: It is important to seek compensation if you were injured by the negligence of your landlord. Hiring an attorney will not necessarily prevent a retaliatory eviction, but it will at least make your landlord think twice about doing something that could get them into more trouble.

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