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When an accident happens suddenly and unexpectedly, it can be a shocking surprise that turns your life upside down. If someone else’s negligence caused you severe injuries that could have been avoided, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your damages. You should seek compensation with the help of a reputable personal injury lawyer like those at Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP. We have over 50 years of combined legal experience, and we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients.

Ready To Assist A Wide Variety Of Personal Injury Victims

Every personal injury must be treated differently because accident victims don’t all experience the same damages. Only a proven law firm can navigate the legal process necessary to get successful results. Here are some of the most common cases our civil trial attorneys can help you with.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents And Other Premises Liability Claims

When you get into an accident on someone else’s property, you can initiate a personal injury claim to obtain compensation for your injuries. Your premises liability case is based on whether the property owner was at fault for the accident. For example, if there were no warning signs and extremely hazardous conditions, you can receive compensation for your wounds.

Ceiling And Roof Collapses

If a building was poorly designed, constructed or maintained, it can lead to serious accidents like a collapsed ceiling or roof. We will help you investigate your accident and hold all negligent parties accountable.

Automobile Accidents, Including Rideshare Accidents

Car accidents are incredibly common and can result in severe injuries. The same can be said for truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents. Our attorneys can help you get compensation for your motor vehicle accident, including crashes involving rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

Dog Bite Cases

If the injury occurred because of a dog that attacked you, you could receive compensation from the dog’s owner. Your personal injuries may have been puncture wounds, broken bones or scratches, resulting in great discomfort and suffering. Dog bite liability lawyers can help you gather evidence to build a strong case.

Product Liability

You can also receive legal assistance when going up against manufacturers who made a faulty product. If a product has injured you after using it according to its instructions, you are likely owed a settlement. Effective legal representation can help you even if the other party decides not to settle.

How Our Skilled Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You With Your Case

When you suffer a serious injury due to another’s negligence, law firms can help you obtain a fair settlement. They can provide you with the support and legal options to help you receive maximum compensation. Our legal services provide the following:

Initial Consultation

You can learn if you have a viable case at the consultation. An attorney will review your accident and explain how they will approach your case. Speaking with lawyers about your personal injury is key to building a successful case.

Thorough Investigation

Personal injury lawyers perform an in-depth investigation of your case and will scrutinize all the circumstances of your accident. They will use techniques like accident reconstruction, speaking to authorities, obtaining a police report, speaking to eyewitnesses, and even subpoenaing organizations to understand how your accident occurred. Lawyers discover more information this way so that you can receive proper representation. This also helps them understand how much you should receive for your damages.

Finding Evidence

Your attorney will use all the evidence available to help prove that the other party is liable for your personal injury. For example, they can obtain photographs, video footage, medical bills and other information to prove that the other party harmed you. Reliable proof is necessary to hold the other party liable for your wounds and makes a strong case that you should receive a settlement.

Calculation Of Your Damages

Personal injury attorneys can calculate the damages that you are owed. You may be approached by the other party’s insurance company, which will try to get you to settle for less than you deserve. This is why your attorney should be the one to calculate your damages, helping you determine the correct settlement amount. Your damages should include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. This can also include any wrongful death damages you can claim on behalf of a loved one, including funeral and burial costs.

Drafting Of Documents

Your attorney uses all of the information they gathered to draft documents that list how your personal injury occurred and how much compensation you are owed. The documentation will show the damages you experienced, why the other party is liable, and the proof supporting your claim. The other parties involved receive this information when you initiate your settlement claim.

Negotiating A Fair Settlement

Trying to reach out to the other party on your own to pursue your settlement may be met with little response. The other party may demand that you reduce your settlement. With a personal injury attorney, you will get professional representation. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf and update you on communication from the other party when they respond. They may provide evidence to counter your claim, but our lawyers will consistently make sure your demands are met. Our law firm will do its best to negotiate a fair settlement and will initiate a lawsuit if we cannot.


If the other party can’t compromise with you despite our efforts, our law firm will represent you in court. We will fight to win your case by highlighting all of your injuries and the damages you sustained. Then the judge will decide how much you should receive in your settlement and enforce their judgment.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Personal Injury Law

Below are answers to common questions we receive from potential clients.

What if I’m partially to blame?

If you believe that you might be partly at fault, you should still speak to an attorney. Even if you are partially at fault, you can still receive compensation for your damages. In that case, your percentage of fault will be deducted from your settlement amount. According to the comparative negligence law, personal injury victims can still be compensated for their wounds even if they are 99% at fault.

What if I can’t afford my medical bills?

Your personal injury may have resulted in expensive medical treatment. This can be true for slip-and-fall injuries that result in a traumatic brain injury or any injury that requires surgery. If you are unable to pay your bills, your personal injury attorney can provide other solutions. You can consider government assistance, nonprofit donations, crowdfunding and other methods. Our law firm can also recommend presettlement loans used to help sustain you through this difficult time. These funds are paid back once you receive your settlement. You can ask one of our attorneys how this works and whether your case is eligible for a presettlement loan.

Should I file a lawsuit?

You won’t need to file a lawsuit in most cases because the other party will be more likely to settle out of court. This is because the court takes longer to investigate your claim and come to a conclusion. Additionally, it is more expensive for everyone involved. You’ll also be required to attend a pre-trial meeting or mediation to try and come to a compromise. Initially, you’ll want to begin with a settlement demand. However, if the other party won’t budge, then you could file a lawsuit.

How much time do I have to take legal action?

If you are struggling with emotional trauma, physical pain and lost income because of your personal injuries, then it is time to speak to an attorney. All Newark personal injury claims are subject to a two-year statute of limitations, which means that you must file your claim before time runs out. Once that time limit expires, you cannot seek compensation for your damages unless there are extenuating circumstances.

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