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Premises Liability

What are some common attractive nuisances?

When it comes to dangerous areas on your property, children may not always show the best judgement. Attractive nuisances are items or places that draw children in but can also potentially hurt them. In order to prevent a serious accident, you should always warn anyone on your property and maintain the nuisance as best you

Elevators can pose hidden dangers

Before elevators, New Jersey buildings stood much shorter and individuals who wished to ascend to high floors had to get there on their own power. Through technology and over time, engineers found ways to incorporate elevator systems into structures to allow them to stretch up into the sky. Now, it is not uncommon for skyscrapers

What dog is most likely to bite?

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but they remain animals. This means that even the most pleasant and well-trained dog can bite if in the right circumstances. However, it is also true that some dogs are more likely to bite than others. However, correlation is not always causation. It is also difficult to ascertain which

How prevalent are workplace falls?

New Jersey workers like you understand that workplace dangers exist in any job. Some jobs pose a bigger threat than others, but there are some dangers prevalent anywhere and everywhere. Workplace falls often end up categorized as an all-encompassing workplace danger. No matter where you work, you are likely to have fall statistics at your

Homes may be center of lawsuits

Slip and falls and other personal injuries are not restricted to stores, businesses, and apartments in New Jersey. Homes have many dangers that cause injury and lead to a premises liability lawsuit. Attractive nuisance Property owners may be liable for attractive nuisances that attracts children to their property and causes injury. Examples include a swimming

Retail store owners should prioritize safety

If the owners of retail stores do not take the proper precautions, their negligence could cause their employees to incur injuries. In the past few years, retail workers have experienced higher numbers of injuries. Safety and Health magazine says that in 2016, workers in the retail industry were more likely to report injuries than people