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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Serving Newark New Jersey

If you, your child or another loved one was struck by a vehicle on a New Jersey sidewalk, street or crosswalk, you need to know your options – and your limitations.

For instance, if the injured pedestrian or a resident relative of the pedestrian owns an automobile, the injured pedestrian must first seek medical coverage from their insurers. If the injured pedestrian or any resident relative does not have automobile insurance, he or she can apply to a state fund such as the New Jersey Guaranty Association’s Unsatisfied Claim and Judgment Fund (UCJF) or the New Jersey Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association (NJPLIGA) for medical coverage.

If the injured pedestrian is struck by a commercial vehicle like a delivery truck or a nonautomobile motor vehicle such as a motorcycle, he or she must generally seek coverage from the commercial vehicle’s insurance carrier. Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, in East Orange, New Jersey, has more than three decades of experience working with state laws and courts to get fair and appropriate compensation for pedestrian accident victims. Call us today at 973-988-2042 for a free consultation with a Newark pedestrian accident attorney. We can discuss your circumstances in a free initial consultation. If necessary, we can provide you with free transportation to our office.

Essex County Crosswalk Accident Attorney

Insurance companies do their best to discredit personal injury plaintiffs and their claims. The reason is simple: it is cheaper for them to pay their lawyers than it is to honor pedestrian accident victims’ genuine medical claims and claims for pain and suffering.

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we use every legal tool at our disposal to convince negligent drivers and uncooperative insurance companies to do the right thing – whether you were injured in a crosswalk, on a sidewalk or while traversing a parking lot. We can also secure compensation in the case of wrongful death.

If insurance is not available to pay your medical costs, under certain circumstances, we can help you obtain compensation from NJPLIGA. This fund can be used to make up the difference between your medical bills and the recovery you actually receive from the other side.

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If you or someone you love was hit by a car, contact us in northern New Jersey for a no-cost consultation regarding your circumstances and legal options. We can be reached at 973-988-2042 or by email here. We can assist in English, Spanish and French Creole.