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Trusted Legal Guidance For Injured Workers In New Jersey

If you have been hurt on the job, you cannot sue your employer, regardless of whether it was your fault or theirs. Instead, the employer is required to provide you workers’ compensation benefits to cover lost wages from missed work and medical bills incurred because of the injury.

The process to obtain these benefits is detailed and complex with strict timelines and protocol. As soon as you have been injured in a work accident, it is important that you consult legal representation to fully understand what you are entitled to and the best way to make sure you get it. At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, we guide workers through the process from the moment they contact us to the recovery of benefits. Should you come to us after a denied claim, we assist you in creating an appeal.

How We Can Make Your Experience Easier And Less Stressful

We will gather the medical records and evaluations needed to demonstrate the extent of your injury. We will guide you to the medical treatment and rehab that you need to make a full recovery and move past this injury. The following may apply in your case:

Medical benefits – The employer is responsible for the cost of medical treatment to “cure and relieve” the effects of the injury you have suffered on the job. This includes immediate care, as well as therapy and rehabilitation.

Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits – The employer is responsible to cover a certain amount of lost income, beginning after a one-week waiting period. You can receive up to 70% of your weekly wage if you are out of work because of the injury.

We are also ready to help you sort through matters of permanent total disability (PTD) and permanent partial disability (PPD), working to recover those benefits when needed.

Can You Still Work While Collecting Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Typically, the answer is no. If you are collecting workers’ compensation replacement pay, you are not allowed to also keep working that job during that time. Continuing to work a second job might be permitted, but it could impact the amount of your available benefits.

Learn More About Your Options In A Free Consultation

Our lawyers are willing to take cases and situations that other firms might turn away, confident in our ability to get results. We will fight on your behalf to ensure that you are treated justly and provided the benefits you need.

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you obtain workers’ compensation or third-party benefits, please contact our New Jersey office today by calling 973-988-2042. Spanish and French Creole language services are available.