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Car Insurance Do’s And Don’ts

As you review insurance options, it is important to always remember that you have insurance for when things go wrong and you need to be covered. You need to build a policy that will sufficiently cover all of your needs, both medically and for property damage when an accident or catastrophe occurs.

Newark Insurance Do’s And Don’ts

Keep in mind the following:

  • In the New Jersey area, dollar-a-day automobile policies and other special policies are all too common. These policies may seem like an affordable option. When you need money, however, you will be able to sue, but you will not have medical coverage. You will only have emergency PIP benefits, which only cover emergency room expenses. This leaves you holding the bill for doctor’s visits, rehabilitation and therapy and any additional injuries or reinjuries.
  • As you evaluate insurance policies, make sure that you invest in adequate medical benefits. Even in auto insurance, not having sufficient medical coverage can be a costly mistake following a car accident.
  • When you move or relocate, make sure that you notify your insurance company. This can affect your home or renters insurance. Also, it is important that you notify the company if someone else moves into your home, a renter or otherwise. Following an accident, this can play a part in what will be compensated.
  • Be very careful and forthright when filling out an application for automobile insurance. A misrepresentation, even if unintentional, on the insurance application may give the insurance company grounds to deny your claim.
  • Your uninsured/underinsured benefits (UM/UIM), should be the same as your bodily injury benefits (BI). In no circumstances should your UM/UIM benefits be less than your BI benefits.

At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, we can help to clean up the financial blow that can come when you are injured without a sufficient policy. Our lawyers will use the key understanding of insurance policies to piece together coverage to get you the benefits you need. It is always better, however, for you to have a sufficient policy upfront to be ensured that you receive compensation.

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