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Homes may be center of lawsuits

Slip and falls and other personal injuries are not restricted to stores, businesses, and apartments in New Jersey. Homes have many dangers that cause injury and lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

Attractive nuisance

Property owners may be liable for attractive nuisances that attracts children to their property and causes injury. Examples include a swimming pool, tree house, abandoned refrigerator or other device or manmade structure. Owners are responsible for attractive nuisance injuries even if children trespassed on their property.

Homeowners must utilize reasonable safety measures to alleviate these dangers. Precautions include, for example, fencing and self-closing gates around swimming pools or locking or blocking access to an abandoned refrigerator.


Owners are liable for dog bites and other injuries caused to guests or strangers by their pets. They should take precautions such as installing a fence or keeping their pet restrained.


Property owners may be responsible for sidewalk injuries if they created an unsafe condition. Homeowner can be liable, for example, if a person slips and falls from a puddle caused by their lawn sprinkler. They may also be responsible for injuries if they do not fix other hazards on sidewalks or report those dangers to local authorities.


Elevated backyard decks may be a great place to host family and neighborhood gatherings. But these structures may collapse if they were not designed or built properly or if their occupancy load is exceeded. Homeowners also risk a personal injury lawsuit if they did not obtain the required construction permit for their deck.

Legal representation may help protect your rights if you are injured at someone’s home or other property. An attorney can help pursue compensation and damages for you in negotiations and legal proceedings.