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What are some legal responsibilities of pet owners?

When you own a pet, you have certain responsibilities under the law that help prevent injury to your pet and to other people. Since dog bites are a concern, many of the laws you must abide by help to prevent situations where a bite could occur. Laws also address common problems that can lead to community issues or endanger pets.

The East Orange, New Jersey, website explains that pet laws also address situations where you may have a different type of pet other than a dog that could pose a risk to others in the community. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to make sure you know and understand the laws.

General pet laws

The law says that you cannot let your pet run loose. You must have it contained at all times when it is on public property. You should use a fence or tie out to keep your pet on your own property. If you do take your pet into public, it needs to be on a leash or otherwise restrained so that you can maintain control over it at all times.

You also cannot keep an excessive number of pets in your home. The law limits the number of cats and dogs you may own to six total. This does not include puppies or kittens who are not licensing age. The law also limits birds to 10 in each household.

The city requires all cats and dogs that have a permanent set of teeth or that are seven months or older to have a license.

Other pet laws

The city has laws that prohibit you from owning any type of wild animal. You cannot house it within the city limits.

In addition, if you own other domestic animals besides pets, such as dogs, cats and birds, then you must also have them on a leash or harness when in a public space.