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What dog is most likely to bite?

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but they remain animals. This means that even the most pleasant and well-trained dog can bite if in the right circumstances. However, it is also true that some dogs are more likely to bite than others.

However, correlation is not always causation. It is also difficult to ascertain which breed of dog is most likely to buy, as according to the American Animal Hospital Association, the most likely breed to bite is actually “unknown.”

What are the top breeds?

After the unknown breed tops the list, numbers 2 through 6 are probably more predictable. They are the pit bull, mixed breed dogs, terriers,German shepherds and rottweilers. On the other hand, the breeds judged least likely to bite were the Dalmatian, pointer, Great Dane, Pekingese, and spitz.

Why is “unknown” at the top of the list?

The reason for this is unsatisfying: essentially, the researchers were not able to figure out what breed of dog bit in those particular instances. However, overall, the findings report that dogs between 66 and 100 pounds that have short, wide heads were the most likely to bite.

It is important to keep in mind that the behavior of owners and the people around dogs is likely a more important influencing factor in dog bites as compared to breed alone. For instance, it is likely that pit bulls are most likely to bite because pit bulls are a relatively popular dog used in dog fighting competitions. It is also most likely that the victim of a dog bite will be a child. Supervision of children around dogs of any breed is absolutely paramount to ensure safety.