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What are some common attractive nuisances?

When it comes to dangerous areas on your property, children may not always show the best judgement.

Attractive nuisances are items or places that draw children in but can also potentially hurt them. In order to prevent a serious accident, you should always warn anyone on your property and maintain the nuisance as best you can to keep everyone safe.

Swimming pools

According to FindLaw, one of the most common attractive nuisances for young children is a swimming pool. Inadequate fencing or lack of an enclosure may lead to a child drowning in the deep end of an unsupervised pool.

Children are prone to exploring new areas, and can often stumble or fall into unprotected underground pools if left alone. You have a duty to prevent these falls to the best of your capability.

Construction debris

Metal boards or large pieces of lumber and other materials provide an almost irresistible playground for a curious child. Various machinery often found in construction zones, such as gasoline pumps, bulldozers and excavators, can also seriously harm young children. Scaffolding can also be a danger if not fenced off.

Children who climb on these vehicles or items can easily fall off or injure a limb, so it is important to safely contain any equipment on your property.

Paths and stairways

Although they may be necessary for traveling around your property, stairwells and other passages need to be properly maintained. Severe head injuries often come from falling down unguarded stairwells or other steep drops. Learning more about common attractive nuisances and how to prevent injuries can help you keep any children on your land safe.