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Retail store owners should prioritize safety

If the owners of retail stores do not take the proper precautions, their negligence could cause their employees to incur injuries.

In the past few years, retail workers have experienced higher numbers of injuries. Safety and Health magazine says that in 2016, workers in the retail industry were more likely to report injuries than people in the construction industry. Retail workers experienced more falls and slips, as well as incurred more musculoskeletal injuries. Employers may be liable for their employees’ injuries if they do not take precautions to ensure the safety of their entire staff. There are several ways business owners can make their premises safe.

Emphasize training

Business owners can protect their staff by making sure they get enough training. People should conduct training every year so each employee understands the safety procedures. They should also make sure the employees know how to use proper lifting techniques. This can help prevent injuries when staff members carry merchandise and restock shelves.

Additionally, business owners should make sure their employees know how to handle hazards such as cluttered floors and spills. When employees see merchandise stacked on the floor, for example, they should know that they need to put these items back on the shelf. People should also teach their staff to clean up spills as soon as they happen.

Inspect the property

Retail owners should make sure they do a visual inspection of the store. According to Chron.com, this allows them to spot potential hazards before an employee gets hurt. People may not be able to fix some hazards immediately, such as uneven flooring or torn carpeting. When people see these hazards, they should put up signs so the employees know to watch their steps. Business owners should also make sure they fix these problems as soon as possible.

Additionally, employers should inspect stock rooms, break rooms and other areas that only the employees use. Do these spaces have enough lighting? Are the floors cluttered? Checking these behind-the-scenes spaces ensures that the entire store is safe for the employees.