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Are roundabouts safer than traffic lights?

Both roundabouts and traffic lights are common traffic management solutions. While traffic lights have been the standard for many years, roundabouts have become increasingly popular. The debate on which of these two solutions is safer for drivers and pedestrians has been going on for a while. This article will examine the statistics to determine whether

Do roadway accidents increase during the holiday season?

Safe driving becomes especially difficult during the holiday season. With the combination of navigating wintery roadways, the limited daylight hours and traveling to unfamiliar locations, people face driving challenges. More car crash fatalities occur during the holidays compared to non-holiday periods, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2017, 119 car accidents

What are the most dangerous highways in New Jersey?

Getting into an auto accident is a harrowing experience. Under the best circumstances, it causes unsightly vehicle damage. At worst, serious injury results. Drivers hurt in highway wrecks are not always at fault. When another individual bears guilt, a lawsuit is often appropriate. Avoiding roadways where collisions are most likely helps reduce the chance of

What are the top distractions for drivers?

New Jersey residents may not think that they are in danger at any given moment on the roadways of our state, but statistics show that car accidents are incredibly common – locally and nationally. In fact, car accidents are some of the leading causes of fatalities and severe injuries in America. Some of the main

Negligent Security

Going out in public places should not result in injuries. In some instances, the journey may leave you with preventable injuries. If the owner’s negligence resulted in conditions that led to your injury, you may recover damages. What happens if the injury is due to something more sinister, such as a crime? When you patronize

What are some common attractive nuisances?

When it comes to dangerous areas on your property, children may not always show the best judgement. Attractive nuisances are items or places that draw children in but can also potentially hurt them. In order to prevent a serious accident, you should always warn anyone on your property and maintain the nuisance as best you