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5 common examples of improper property maintenance

Property owners have a general obligation to keep their premises reasonably safe. To do so, they must regularly inspect property for potential hazards and make necessary repairs. Unfortunately, though, property owners do not always stay on top of maintenance.

If a person sustains an injury on someone else’s property, he or she may have a cause of action for negligent and improper maintenance. Here are five common examples of improper property maintenance you may encounter in your everyday life.

1. Spilled water

Shopkeepers should routinely monitor floors for slip hazards. If water spills on a tile or polished concrete floor, someone must suffer an injury in a fall.

2. Damaged sidewalks

Delivery drivers, guests, customers and others use sidewalks to reach buildings. If a sidewalk has damage, someone may sustain a serious injury in a trip and fall. Likewise, if the property owner does not keep the sidewalk clean, a slip-and-fall injury may be likely.

3. Burned-out lights

Good lighting is necessary to minimize slip, trip and fall risk. It also helps stop crime. If a property owner elects not to replace burned-out bulbs, a catastrophe may be imminent.

4. Broken fences

While good fences make good neighbors, broken ones may put lives in danger. For example, if a homeowner has a vicious dog, a damaged fence may allow the dog to escape and maul a passerby.

5. Smashed windows

Broken glass is almost always a safety hazard. If a property owner does not quickly replace smashed windows, someone may sustain a potentially life-threatening laceration.

While many property owners may not ignore smashed windows, other common types of improper maintenance are easier to forego. Still, whether you encounter broken glass or other dangerous conditions, you and your loved ones may be vulnerable to a variety of injuries.