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What are the leash laws in East Orange?

Dogs are wonderful pets, but they also can be dangerous. In an effort to keep everyone safe and allow you the right to own a dog, the city has leash laws it enforces.

According to the City of East Orange, NJ, website, the main law is that your dog cannot be loose on any public property. You can only allow your dog to be loose on private property where you have the owner’s permission or you own the property. Even then, you must ensure your dog cannot go onto public property.

Leash rules

When out in public, you must have your dog on a leash at all times. The leash must be six feet in length or shorter. If you have a security dog, then the leash must be no longer than three feet. It also must have a minimum of 300 pounds of tensile strength.

Muzzle rules

If you are not using a leash, then your dog must wear a muzzle. If you have a security dog, it must always wear a muzzle in public even when using a leash.

Other rules

In addition to making sure your dog wears a muzzle and uses a leash, you also must maintain control of your pet at all times. You cannot allow it to disturb or destroy property, which includes grass, flowers and other similar things.

You also must clean up your pet’s waste and ensure your dog does not use unauthorized areas to go to the bathroom. Such areas include the grass between the road and the sidewalk, the road, the sidewalk and other areas where people may walk.