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That clean, shiny floor and your slip-and-fall accident

You were looking forward to lunch and a fun afternoon of shopping with a good friend.

Unfortunately, a slippery floor caused your trip to the shopping mall to end almost before it began and left you with a painful back injury.

Types of slip-and-fall injuries

Falls are common and more dangerous than you might think. Some result in bruised elbows, scraped knees or twisted ankles. However, many are responsible for serious injuries, such as bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage and back injuries like yours that could cause lifelong pain and the need for ongoing treatment.

The importance of traction

When we walk or run, traction is a major requirement for remaining upright. The lower the traction, the more potential there is for a fall, especially when a surface is wet and slippery.

In the maintenance of public spaces, floors are often cleaned with substances that leave behind a residue. You can identify the most problematic types by the heavy, flowery smell. These cleaning products contain oils forming residues that raise the chances of a slip-and-fall incident. In fact, any type of liquid left on the floor can cause someone to fall, including moisture from snow or rain that people track inside or even the oil and grease residue from parking lots.

A look at liability

A slip-and-fall injury requires a thorough investigation into the circumstances. Liability for your injuries could rest with the property owners, so you could submit a claim with their insurer.

For example, the investigation could find that the owners of the shopping mall are responsible if they knew about the danger the slippery floor presented but did nothing to ensure that the surface was safe for customers to walk on. As an injured slip-and-fall victim, you have the right to expect full and fair compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages and more.