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Steps to Take After a Car Accident

It is no secret that one of the most dangerous things Americans do every day is get behind the wheel of an automobile. It is almost a certainty that you will be in an auto accident at some point during your driving career.  However, there are certain steps you should take regardless if you end up in a minor fender-bender or a major pile-up. According to Allstate Insurance, the first thing you should do after any variety of car accident is check yourself and your passengers for injuries.  Should I call 911?  Yes. It is very important to ensure that you call the police after any sort of accident, even if the accident is very minor. In some states, it is legally required for you to do this. When you call the police, a police officer will come and document the scene while filling out an accident report. If the police cannot come to the scene, you can go to the nearest police office and fill out the report yourself.  Often, if you are going to file an insurance claim, you will need to present proof that you had the police document the scene.  Should I talk to the other driver? In the event that the other driver is hostile, you should not attempt to approach him or her. If you are able to talk with the other driver, you should not admit any sort of fault related to the accident, even if you believe that you caused the accident.  Make sure to get the following information from the other driver if pause: drivers license, license plate number, insurance company and policy number, and the full name and contact information of the driver.