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Mistakes on the snow and ice can lead to serious accidents

There are still months of winter conditions in New Jersey, and drivers need to be aware that their abilities to drive in snow and ice can affect others on the road. Drivers who do not have experience operating a vehicle in these conditions can cause accidents that may result in serious injuries to others.

According to Business Insider, around 45% of weather-related car accidents occur during the winter months. While sometimes it is impossible to avoid a crash, many of the collisions happen because of mistakes drivers make. Two of them are due to speed. Going too fast is the number one mistake, and this includes going the speed limit in conditions that call for slower speeds. Driving too slow can also lead to accidents, as going slower than all other drivers can be dangerous.

People who drive vehicles that have all-wheel drive are also the cause of many accidents, because they give many drivers a higher sense of security. This type of driving system does nothing helpful if there is a loss of traction, and it does not help with control when stopping or turning.

Some of the winter-related mistakes relate to the condition of the vehicle before even starting it. According to U.S. News, preparation can make a big difference. Make sure to winterize the vehicle by topping off antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid. Make sure the wipers, defrosters, headlights and tires are in good working order.

Before driving, make sure all windows, mirrors and head/taillights are free of snow and ice. It is also smart to always keep the gas tank half full, at minimum, in the event one is stuck in undrivable conditions.