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How the Justice Buddy Act helps to punish negligence

On January 1, 2019, a new dog law was passed in Illinois to further increase the protection of individuals from attacks by dangerous dogs due to the negligence of the owners. The law clearly states that the dog owner may be responsible if their dog bites another person or another dog without any justification. The dog owner is deemed to have acted recklessly. In such a situation, the dog responsible and any other dog the person has may be taken away and sent to a shelter or sanctuary. The dogs may receive training and, if possible, adopted out to a more responsible dog owner.

When the law courts find the dog owner guilty of being reckless, they may not own any dog for up to three years. In a dog bite case, the first thing a personal injury lawyer may look at is negligence. If negligence is found to be the reason the attack took place, the dog owner is required by law to take responsibility for the injuries caused and any other damage. If the dog attacked another dog, the owner might have to take care of any dog medication, vet bills, and kennel fees during the recovery period. If the attack was fatal, resulting in the death of another dog, the owner might need to take care of the replacement cost.

If you have a home insurance cover, your insurance company may pay the claim. However, many of them would require you to get rid of the dog. The cover only touches on the physical damage the dog causes. It does not touch on any emotional stress or mental anguish.