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Can a dash cam help in an accident?

Installing a camera in your vehicle to record as you drive is a concept that is quickly catching on. Many drivers have a dash cam that records every time they drive. These cameras offer peace of mind and can prove very useful in an accident situation in New Jersey. Discovering how helpful a camera can be may have you soon installing one in your vehicle.

Digital Trends reports that a dash cam gives you an impartial and real account of what happened. It can show who was at fault and what led to the accident. It is the perfect evidence to prove your case, but be aware that it can also prove the case against you. If you were at fault, your dash cam would show that, and you cannot delete the video or else you could face charges for destroying evidence.

However, when you are not at fault, it can be a great tool. It eliminates the common issues that occur because you will not remember every detail of what happened accurately and neither will the other party or any witnesses. Everyone sees things differently, and perspective is important. Your camera just shows the plain truth.

Do note, though, dash cams offer just one view. They generally record only the front of your car. It may not pick up side impacts and will not record behind you. You would need additional cameras to record all around your vehicle, but even with the limitation, it is still a handy way to prove what really happened in an accident. This information is for education and is not legal advice.