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What are the most dangerous highways in New Jersey?

Getting into an auto accident is a harrowing experience. Under the best circumstances, it causes unsightly vehicle damage. At worst, serious injury results.

Drivers hurt in highway wrecks are not always at fault. When another individual bears guilt, a lawsuit is often appropriate. Avoiding roadways where collisions are most likely helps reduce the chance of harm. Know which ones present higher-than-average levels of peril.


This thoroughfare is one of three major Garden State byways. As such, it is constantly buzzing with travelers. Most worrisome is the Union Township section, which has an unusual number of incidents.

Route 22

Travelers use this highway to move between Phillipsburg and Newark. Stores line it almost from one end to the other. Because of this, many cars frequently get on and off, adding to the danger.

Route 9

A long and busy road, Route 9 features a junction with Route 18 in Old Bridge. Thus, it is especially popular with commuters. Many traffic lights increase the odds of a roadway calamity.

Route 1

Any road with intersections, parking lots and traffic lights has plenty of crashes. Route 1 meets this definition. A stretch in West Windsor deals with many accidents.

Garden State Parkway

There are many concrete arteries in Jersey, but this one might deserve the crown. The sheer volume of traffic makes it a fender bender and crack-up hotspot.

Any motorist should be extra careful when traveling down certain roadways. Finding alternative routes to the ones above may be the safest decision.