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Negligent Security

Going out in public places should not result in injuries. In some instances, the journey may leave you with preventable injuries. If the owner’s negligence resulted in conditions that led to your injury, you may recover damages.

What happens if the injury is due to something more sinister, such as a crime? When you patronize a business and become the victim of a crime, responsibility may still fall to the owner or manager. Familiarize yourself with negligent security and how it relates to personal injury law.

What makes a negligent security case?

Negligence is the basis of a premises liability personal injury case. It means that the owner or manager was aware a condition existed that made an incident more probable. For example, if ice forms on the threshold of an apartment building that the manager does not address, someone may slip and fall. The incident was a logical consequence of the floor condition. In a negligent security situation, the owner did not provide adequate safety measures to keep the public safe. This may equate to sufficient parking lot lighting all the way up to security access in apartment buildings.

What are common examples of negligent security?

When an owner fails to provide appropriate safety to keep you safe, you may wind up falling victim to a criminal act. Some examples include:

  • Parking lot assaults due to poor lighting
  • Vehicle theft due to an absence of security cameras or proper barricades
  • Break-ins due to broken or malfunctioning door locks

When someone commits a crime in an unexpected place, the owner may bear some of the responsibility. When security measures are not installed or maintained, it may place the public in danger unnecessarily.