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When could an exchange with a car insurance agent haunt you?

After a car accident, you have several tasks to tend to, including contacting a New Jersey insurance agent. No matter if you reach out to your agent or the other motorist’s, think twice about what you say.

USA Today examines common pitfalls that may jeopardize a car accident claim. Protect your rights to receive compensation and recover from your incident.

Visit a doctor

Because you feel and look fine after your collision does not mean that you did not suffer injuries. Whiplash and concussion are two common auto accident injuries with delayed symptoms. On your own, you may not recognize the signs of an injury, or you may identify them later. Either way, medical documents and evidence help if you want to file a claim or build a personal injury case against the other driver.

Refrain from pointing fingers

The other party drove distracted when the incident happened, but that does not mean that you do not share fault for the accident. Rather than placing blame, let the police and claims adjuster piece together what happened. In some states, even if you bear responsibility for a car collision, you may still qualify to receive damages.

Do not guess

No matter if you speak to your insurance agent or the other driver’s, do not answer questions you are not sure of. It is OK to say, “I do not know.” Also, do not volunteer information. You do not want to give an insurance agent a false impression of events, nor do you want to risk increasing your coverage premiums by saying the wrong thing.