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Property owners should prevent these 3 parking lot pitfalls

As you walk across the parking lot to and from your car every day, you could be at risk of an injury due to the property owner’s negligence.

Here are some common and preventable parking lot pitfalls.

1. Poor design

While every driver is responsible for navigating parking lots safely, the design can go a long way toward preventing accidents, as well. A good layout along with clearly marked traffic flow patterns on pavement and signs can prevent fast or unsafe driving.

Speed bumps may be necessary to keep drivers from increasing their speed in certain areas. However, because they present a tripping hazard for pedestrians, experts recommend placing them carefully and sparingly. Signs and paint can make them more visible and prevent tripping hazards.

2. Poor security

Unlit areas, unpruned vegetation and a lack of security cameras and personnel create opportunities for theft and violence. Light from two to four locations should reach every area in the lot and should illuminate camera views. Cameras should be at angles unblocked by glares or reflection from security lights, headlights and sun. Fencing may help control access to the area. Security staff and others should have the necessary training to prevent or deal with potential incidents.

3. Poor maintenance

Potholes and cracks on the pavement can create tripping hazards, as can broken or misaligned tire stops. Bright or contrasting paint should alert pedestrians to uneven surfaces, steps and speed bumps, as well as directing the flow of traffic and indicating crossing areas. Property owners have the responsibility to keep lots free of litter and debris, as well.