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Winter clothing and car accidents

Many different risk factors require careful review when it comes to motor vehicle collisions and the winter months. Many people recognize the dangers associated with poor road conditions during this time of the year, such as the presence of snow and ice. However, there are a lot of other potential areas of concern during the winter. For example, many drivers become sick, which often interferes with driving abilities and increases the probability of a crash. Moreover, some people even wear heavy clothing when it is very cold, which frequently affects mobility and can lead to a crash.

There are a lot of ways in which winter clothing can cause a car crash. For example, someone wearing a very thick coat may have difficulty moving their arms and some people try to drive with gloves, which often affects their grip on the steering wheel (certain gloves can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle, especially while going around a sharp turn). Also, a lot of people wear large boots in the winter, and this also brings up concerns. For example, using the gas pedal and brakes properly is harder while wearing certain boots.

There are other concerns to watch out for as well. For example, parents who place their very young children in car seats should realize that winter coats can interfere with the car seat’s ability to protect their child during an accident. These are some of the ways in which winter clothing causes concerns with respect to motor vehicle collisions and our law firm goes into greater detail on many  auto accident issues on our website.