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Snow blindness and the risk of a wreck

During the winter months, weather becomes problematic in many parts of the country. A lot of drivers in New Jersey struggle with inclement weather, and aside from strong winds and heavy rain, other weather-related traffic hazards include snow and ice. At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, we know that snowfall increases the chances of collisions in various ways. Not only does it often make the roads more dangerous due to increased difficulty in managing a vehicle, but it also leads to snowblindness in some instances.

When a driver becomes snowblind, or their vision is adversely affected by very bright sunlight reflecting off of snow, this is extremely dangerous on the road. Some drivers may take their sunglasses off or abruptly encounter bright light after going around a turn. This sudden shock is very concerning if it interferes with their ability to see, even for a very brief period of time. Many accidents happen as a result of drivers becoming snowblind, especially those who are inexperienced with driving in these conditions.

Whenever you drive in an area that sees snowfall, it is imperative to watch out. Moreover, if it is a bright, sunny day, you should recognize the risks associated with snowblindness, including other drivers struggling with their vision as a result of the bright sunlight. Those struck by other drivers due to poor weather, bright sunlight or any other factor (such as drinking and driving) need to firmly stand up for their legal rights. Feel free to look at more information on traffic accidents by visiting our law firm’s page on injuries.