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Dram Shop Law – The Hidden Premises Liability

When you hear the words premises liability, what do you think? Some people might think of a slip and fall case due to an establishment not salting their walkways in all this New Jersey winter. Or perhaps something heavy or sharp being left in a precarious and public place. Being injured by any of these can lead to a painful recovery and it is often the fault of the property owner. You are entitled to justice in any of those situations.

Sometimes premises liability is less obvious–like in the case of those stores or establishments with liquor licenses. It is often seen in DUIs (though is not limited to them), but a bar that is found to have over-served a patron can potentially be held at partial fault for any personal or property damages said patron may incur while intoxicated, according to New Jersey statute 2A:22A-4.

It is something that can be overlooked when a tragic injury strikes. If you have been the victim of an intoxicated driver, it may not occur to look into where they had gotten their buzz. If you can prove that the bar serving the alcohol did so in a negligent fashion (by serving knowingly to a minor or serving more alcohol to a visibly intoxicated patron), then your claim can get you the help you need.

There is no excuse for negligent conditions, whether it be dangerous hazards on a property or a service creating a dangerous situation. If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to explore our site and your options.