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Damaged flooring may leave you with serious injuries

Like many of your neighbors in the East Orange area, you have an active retirement. That is, you regularly visit shopping centers, grocery stores, bodegas, entertainment venues and other places. While enjoying a day on the town, you must take care not to slip and fall. After all, a fall may cause life-altering injuries and other complications.

Even though slips are common during inclement weather, you must realize that damaged flooring may present an extreme risk even on sunny days. If you sustain a serious injury after tripping and falling on damaged floors, you likely must act quickly both to recover completely and to pursue reasonable compensation from whoever neglected the flooring.

Common flooring hazards

From sidewalks to tile floors, you likely step on dozens of different surfaces every time you leave your home. While properly maintained and even surfaces probably pose little danger to you, damaged flooring may put your health in jeopardy. Here are some common flooring hazards that may contribute to significant bodily injury:

  • Cracked floor tiles
  • Torn carpeting
  • Upturned rugs
  • Missing thresholds
  • Warped surfaces

A shopkeeper’s legal duty

When they invite customers to come to their places of business, shopkeepers accept certain legal obligations. Specifically, they have a duty to exercise reasonable care for your safety. As such, if there is a problem with flooring, the shopkeeper must warn you about it. He or she also must take reasonable steps to remedy the situation or otherwise protect you during your shopping trip. If a business owner’s failure to comply with his or her legal duties causes you to suffer some type of injury, you may have a valid cause for legal action.

Because you want to get the most out of your retirement, you must take certain steps to protect yourself from injury on shopping trips. Still, if someone’s negligent conduct causes you to suffer a significant injury, understanding how the law views damaged commercial flooring is critical.