How do you determine fault after a New Jersey car crash?

New Jersey requires drivers to purchase personal injury protection insurance to cover at least $15,000 of damages after a motor vehicle accident. However, if the injuries and property loss exceed that, the injured parties will have to pursue compensation from the insurance company of the at-fault driver. This process can be arduous, and an insurance

What are the 2023 fatal car accident trends in Essex County, NJ?

The winter season introduces many challenges that significantly increase the likelihood of fatal car accidents. Slippery road surfaces, reduced visibility due to snow and ice and the need for extended stopping distances all contribute to the dangerous conditions faced by drivers. These factors create an environment where accidents are not only more frequent but can

Which foods and drinks are most dangerous to consume while driving?

When it comes to safe driving, people often focus on the obvious culprits like texting or impaired driving. However, there is a less-discussed but equally dangerous factor that can compromise your safety on the road, which is the foods and beverages you consume while driving. Not all snacks and drinks are equal when it comes

Which New Jersey city has the most car accidents?

Newark, New Jersey, is a bustling metropolis, known for its cultural diversity and economic opportunities. However, it also stands out as the city with the most car accidents. Several factors contribute to Newark’s high accident rates, and learning about them can help you if you drive through there. Population density and traffic As of 2022, Newark

Which demographic is involved in the most fatal car accidents?

Fatal car accidents devastate families. Unfortunately, they occur too often because one death is one too many. Gathering statistics about accidents can help authorities to make decisions that will help to reduce numbers. In Essex County in 2022, the total number of fatalities in auto accidents was 56. There were a total of 50 crashes that year.

Warning signs of a collapsed roof or ceiling

A collapsing roof or ceiling is a nightmare for homeowners and a potential cause of serious injuries. Collapses can be particularly common in rental properties owned by negligent landlords who fail to maintain the structure properly. If you are staying in a rental, either for a vacation or the long term, one of your first

Are roundabouts safer than traffic lights?

Both roundabouts and traffic lights are common traffic management solutions. While traffic lights have been the standard for many years, roundabouts have become increasingly popular. The debate on which of these two solutions is safer for drivers and pedestrians has been going on for a while. This article will examine the statistics to determine whether

Tips for staying safe on snowy and icy sidewalks

Winter brings snow and ice across much of the country, which blankets the sidewalks and creates a slippery, hazardous situation. Ensuring safety on your sidewalks is important for reducing the risk of slip-and-fall injuries. Proactive care and cautious movement help ensure safety on snowy and icy sidewalk surfaces. Walk carefully When you can not avoid

Do roadway accidents increase during the holiday season?

Safe driving becomes especially difficult during the holiday season. With the combination of navigating wintery roadways, the limited daylight hours and traveling to unfamiliar locations, people face driving challenges. More car crash fatalities occur during the holidays compared to non-holiday periods, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2017, 119 car accidents