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Which foods and drinks are most dangerous to consume while driving?

When it comes to safe driving, people often focus on the obvious culprits like texting or impaired driving. However, there is a less-discussed but equally dangerous factor that can compromise your safety on the road, which is the foods and beverages you consume while driving.

Not all snacks and drinks are equal when it comes to being behind the wheel.

Fast food

Fast food, despite its convenience, is a prime offender when it comes to distracting drivers. Burgers, fries and oversized beverages often demand both hands and attention, making it challenging to keep your focus on the road.

The act of unwrapping a burger or fumbling with a straw can lead to momentary lapses in concentration, increasing the risk of car accidents.

Hot beverages

Steaming hot coffee or tea might be a morning ritual, but it can quickly turn into a dangerous distraction when consumed while driving. Sudden spills or the scalding sensation of a burning liquid can cause erratic movements, taking your hands away from the wheel. Such incidents can lead to unpredictable swerving and diminished control over your vehicle.

Chips and snacks

Snacking on chips, pretzels or other crispy treats might seem harmless, but they can be surprisingly dangerous. The noise they generate can be a significant auditory distraction, making it difficult to hear important road cues, such as sirens or horns. Additionally, the constant reach into a bag or container can divert your attention from the road for extended periods.

Sugary drinks

Sweet beverages like soda and energy drinks are a double-edged sword while driving. Initially, the sugar content might provide a burst of energy, but the ensuing crash can lead to drowsiness and reduced alertness. Furthermore, the need for frequent bathroom breaks can lead to hurried decisions on the road or risky attempts to delay pit stops.

Tacos and pizza

Foods that require two hands or create messes are undoubtedly among the riskiest choices for in-car consumption. Tacos may disintegrate into a pile of toppings and slices of pizza demand attention. Attempting to manage these meals on the go can lead to a recipe for disaster if you do not pay the proper amount of attention to the road.

Considering the 1,593,390 vehicle crashes that caused injuries in America during 2020, avoiding distractions is a responsible choice that can help you arrive at your destination without any pain. Remember, when you are behind the wheel, your full attention should be on the road ahead.